Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thoughts on Ocean Grunge // some albums I have listened to

A couple of people have mentioned a sub-genre of Vaporwave to check out named "Ocean Grunge". My first listens to some albums on Bandcamp have been for the most part pleasant. Most of the stuff I have listened to sounds a lot like chopped and screwed MBV or Sonic Youth, which is sometimes very unsettling but also pretty awesome at the same time.

The first album I checked out was the release from Business Casual, entitled Storm Memories by Sea of Dogs which can be found here: https://businesscasual87.bandcamp.com/album/storm-memories. I didn't listen to the whole album but what I found was a pleasant array of choppy, repetitive droning noise that I have never really heard before. You can definitely hear the influence from Vaporwave and especially from it's aesthetic through Seapunk.

I then proceeded to listen to Sludge Dredd by DJ Rozwell which can be found here: https://djrozwell.bandcamp.com/album/sludge-dredd. It was somewhat similar to Storm Memories, but was much more heavily influenced off beat techniques rather than the Riff-like quality that was prominent with the Business Casual release. I have to say I do enjoy a lot of what I am hearing, and has the potential to become something very innovative in the future despite it being extremely unheard of right now.

Ocean Grunge is a lot darker than Vaporwave. It is actually somewhat similar to Dubstep in some ways with it's blaring, scratchy tone that is prominent in most releases. Overall, I enjoy Ocean Grunge. I hope to someday review some more albums in greater detail as the stuff I listened to are very interesting pieces of music.
-Wolfenstein OS X

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